This magazine came from France, it had 2 bikes I built (one was my personal ride for 1995 the other my partner Simon's). The photographer of this French magazine had flown to Daytona bike week in 1995 and saw both of these bikes when we were hanging out at Millers on 1A. He loved them so much he wanted to take pictures right away so we rode them across the street and he photographed them along the edge of the road on the grass. He said he would send us some copies when it came out and between then and Sturgis (in august of that same year) France had a major mail strike and mail was all messed up coming across the ocean so we never got the magazines. Well we went to Sturgis in Aug. and we were at the Rats Hole show and we saw him walking around carrying a big bag, he saw us and walked over and in the bag was 25 copies of this issue that he personally brought from France just to give Simon and myself and he had been carrying them all week in hopes he would find us. (Some people are so nice)